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Nature Academy AB by Göran Gennvi

We offer leaders and organisations methods and tools to develop the capacity and ability for transformation and learning. However, this means that different phases require different abilities. We provide the methods and tools that develop these abilities and that are more necessary in times of uncertainty and change, for example:

Breakthrough Conversations - the conversation between people is the "source code" in the joint creation. Participation arises in dialogue, and it is in dialogue that the commitment can have its outlet. In dialogue, consensus and cooperation appear, and in dialogue, culture finds its form.
>> Transformative Dialogue

Transformative Leadership means replacing the collective narrative with a new one that better serves the whole. To reconsider one's worldview and where Leadership means establishing and maintaining a container of psychological security where norms, values, and beliefs are nailed down, revised, and reconfigured into the new, about leading a collective process. In this authentic dialogue, everyone can voice themselves without silencing others.
>> Transformative Leadership

Develop your inner Pathfinder - develop your internal "source code", your "base" - the place of balance where senses, intuition, intellect, emotions, and spirit meet. You will have strengthened your ability to quickly adapt to different situations in everyday life, ready to balance all your human and non-human relationships. We invite you to step in and develop your role as a WiLD Pathfinder 🦅
>> Pathfinder Training

Get Wild and be Grounded and get access to Nature's Wisdom.
Nature Quest is a natural way to deepen the relationship to the inner, outer and true nature. By fine-tuning our senses, we strengthen our ability to "read" the world. An increased sense of presence occurs. A laser-sharp ability to note, observe and perceive what is happening in every moment, within and around us. Through this increased sensitivity, we become more present in all our relationships and reach our potential to become an even better version of ourselves
>> Nature Quest

Implementing Agenda 2030
Learning takes place in a social context and interacts with others' values, attitudes, and patterns of action created. Learning must take place with respect for the individual's integrity, go beyond the purely cognitive, and be tested concretely in action. The process can advantageously take place "on a large scale" and cost-effectively reach everyone in the organisation.
>> Agenda 2030

Client case
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