Nature As the Classroom and the teacher

In our classroom, the ceiling is high. A room for insight as well as out-sight. It's where you can develop your transformative abilities through experiences that will impact you deeply. Immersive nature experiences provide the extraordinary possibility to calibrate the inner compass and establish a deeper under­standing of your inner self and a more profound sense of interconnectedness with the natural world. It opens up an experience of a deep relationship with the natural world, which can enrich one’s life and others and give a deeper understanding of Nature as a whole.

Nature as the Teacher provides opportunities for deep, immersive, and transformational learning experiences based on life-generative principles. Nature wants us to act as servants for life and connect from a place of awareness and relationships by reconnecting in gratitude to the beauty of our inner, outer, and true nature. Listening to our inner compass allows us to make decisions from that inner place and good judgment that stands the test of time for all life’s benefit. Our program aims to reset the participants' natural "source code" by deep-diving into the transformative power of practising nature-based leadership.  

Nature Academy/WiLD by Göran Gennvi

Methods that stood the test of time

The methods result from teachings and training from world-leading scientists, world-class management and leadership gurus, as well as wisdom keepers, spiritual leaders, indigenous trackers, and experienced wilderness and mountain guides. It is about values and attitudes, everyday wisdom in practice practices used by people who depend on it for sustaining their life and community.  Nature Based Leadership means, for example:

  • To cultivate our hearts and minds of what is true, right, and lasting - wisdom displayed in “gratitude.
  • To lead by sensing deep—picking up the weakest signals from the outside and inside world—sensing!
  • To lead on the brink of chaos when you face the unpredictable - grounding!
  • To lead by making the journey yourself with others, not just pointing out the way - the skin in the game!
  • The lead by the courage and wisdom to admit that, as a leader, I do not know the way and to invite others' perspectives - the beginner's mind!
  • To guide others and practice with integrity and vision - The Twelve Guiding Principes
  • To respect, connect, reflect and direct. Lead by Nature!
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Nature-Based Leadership

Our program, a fusion of new discoveries and timeless wisdom, holds the key to overcoming the trials of our era. It's a journey of self-empowerment, equipping us to boldly confront an uncertain future and deftly navigate its complexities. We're eager to share these transformative methods with those who seek a profound connection with their inner, outer, and true nature-a connection that's not just a luxury, but a necessity in our modern world.
Our deep code has been continuously refined through evolution for survival, adaptation and renewal. It is the competence that helped us to develop and spread as a species. But with the speed at which we have evolved in our modern society, we have moved further and further away from the source code we all depend on for prosperity and long-term survival.
Systems awareness is the embodied recognition that the world is a coherent, integrated whole rather than a collection of individual elements. 
Ecological literacy and system awareness are life necessities and urgent calls to action. They imply a systems understanding that we are all part of and dependent on the biosphere and its diversity. This defines the complex, dynamic network we call our home, our beautiful living world. Your understanding and action are crucial, and it's about cultivating the ability:
- to "read the book of Nature"! 
- to stand firm and "grounded" and act quickly and easily in deep presence!
- to note and act on the weakest signals with finely honed perception!
- to free ourselves from the illusion of predictability! 
- to act with laser-focused clarity from moment to moment! 
- to be open, aware, and responsive!

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WILD Pathfinders

Nature Academy/WiLD by Göran Gennvi

WiLD Pathfinders training
For those who can and want to lead others lost on the track, the way back to inner-, outer- and true Nature. If you sincerely desire to share, guide, and support others in becoming pathfinders, you have found your way home! Welcome!
Our mission is to support people to become and grow as WiLD Pathfinders in challenging times. WiLD holds the deep code to the original, pure, and authentic Self. That stands firmly in balance when meeting challenges and threats and is key to true purpose and meaning-making. WiLD Pathfinders operates from a deep place (Source) with an open mind, heart, and will.
The community connects you to a network of authentic pathfinders and empowers you to develop your skills and tools. You will find all the support and inspiration you need to teach others here. There are hundreds of WiLD pathfinders worldwide at different stages of their journey, and you have the potential to make a significant impact.

The Quality of the Pathfinder
Guiding individuals toward deep inner transformation and reconnection to nature requires a specific set of qualities, abilities, and character traits. As a WiLD Pathfinder, you should embody these key attributes  :
- Deep empathy and compassion to understand and connect with individuals on their transformative journey. This emotional intelligence allows the guide to offer genuine support and guidance.
- Wisdom and insight gained from personal experiences and spiritual practices enable the guide to provide valuable perspectives, facilitate growth, and inspire contemplation.
- Being patient and present to create a safe and nurturing space for inner exploration. Listening attentively and offering non-judgmental support is crucial for the transformation process.
- To be adaptable and flexible in the approach, recognising that each individual's path to transformation is unique. Being open to adjusting strategies and techniques based on the individual's needs is key.
-  Leading reconnection with nature should demonstrate profound respect and appreciation for the natural world. This allows for a deeper connection with the environment and promotes a sense of harmony and balance.

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Nature Quest - video

WILD - self study course

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  • "It is only now, almost one year later, that I come to realize the full impact and value of the experience. Like you mentioned, Kristina, a big part for me was to recognize and rewrite my own narratives. The other big thing is letting go of the ego: who or what is left when nobody is watching, listening or in any other way paying attention to what I do? What is left when there’s no doing, just being? When there is nothing to be achieved, even the opposite (according to the local Sami): no trace to be left? When it is nature taking care of me, not what I might want, but purely what I need? When is this humble human being with a backpack, a tent, and one bottle of juice? Nature provides clean water to drink and swim in, a rock to sit on, grass to walk on, daylight and darkness (although short at midsummer), sunshine, rain showers, and thunderstorms. And the most incredible views from the mountain. Unlimited time. No chance to speed it up. Just be with it. These gifts I have received stay with me and are my anchor whenever I am struggling or feel overwhelmed. It is what I return to. It is always there."

  • Fredrik LyhagenFredrik Lyhagen

    "When time slows down, the mind awakens to the natural world. 
    Last weekend I did a 3-day solo Nature Quest - just me, my tent, and my Self immersed in the nature of the Stockholm archipelago, fasting.

    It’s been a hectic autumn, and over the last weeks, I felt a deep need to hit the pause button to ground myself in the substrate of life. And the opportunity to join Göran Gennvi and his Nature Academy Learning Lab AB suddenly appeared in my LinkedIn feed. Synchronicity. 

    Friday morning, I handed away my mobile phone, and a group of five headed out to a remote part of the archipelago, where we spread out on a peninsula to have complete solitude until Sunday lunch.

    Scouting my area, I found a beautiful cliff by the sea for meditation and a bit into the forest, protected from the wind, I found a soft bed of white moss for my tent.

    After raising my tent and settling in, the calm embraced me, and time slowed down.

    How much time slows down when I’m free from external distractions is fascinating. Had so many experiences these days of checking the time, deciding to just sit for another hour, and when it felt like an hour had passed my watch told me 10 min had passed. So I put away my watch. 

    Surrendering to the natural rhythm of nature. 12 hours of complete darkness with only the sounds of the forest and the movement of the sea. 12 hours of following the sun’s movement from east to west. 

    When time slows down, the mind awakens to the natural world. The rich palette of colors of the autumn forest. The loud breathing of the seals surfaced below the cliff. The sound of the aspen leaves trembling in the wind. The white-tailed eagle majestically circled the island. The taste of the salty air from the sea. 

    Sitting on the cliff during the day and turning in my sleeping bag at night, meditations on time kept coming back to me. Out there in the world of busy, there’s never enough time. Most hours are scheduled, and should there be any gaps, social media can quickly give a dopamine burst to stave off the slightest boredom.

    I realized boredom is a choice. Boredom is absence of curiosity, choosing to be curious about what’s unfolding right in front of me. The patterns of the waves crashing against the cliff. The life of the little kinglet bird. The pine stood tall from a small patch of soil on the naked cliff, which the distant deer was communicating. 

    “Man and nature belong together in their created glory – in their tragedy and in their salvation.” Paul Tillich

    And deep down, we all know if we allow ourselves to slow down, that our deepest connection is with nature and that structures of time and modernity are artificial constructs that lure us away from our deepest Self. 

    This NatureQuest was a great reminder to shift my anchoring to nature and visit modernity rather than the other way around.

    3 days were short, and I am looking forward to joining Göran for a 7-day solo quest this summer up north in the Swedish mountains

  • Mutinta Shitaze LumayiMutinta Shitaze Lumayi
    Mutinta Shitaze Lumayi - General Manager at Care Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Limited
  • Faith Nkatha GitongaFaith Nkatha Gitonga

    "Your session was life-changing too. It was indeed a great pleasure meeting you."

    |Africa|Fintech|Speaker|People|Payments|Sustainability|Strategy|Business Development & Transformation|Therapist|Board Member|Top 40 under 40 Women Kenya 2021


  • Supriya SinghSupriya Singh

    "It was an extremely enriching program. Your sessions were gorgeous, and the setting was perfect. And here’s a little glimpse of it, Thank you,"

    Member, The Club of Rome CSR | Sustainability & Responsible LeadershipDoctoral Researcher - Business and Human Rights | Ex Tata Communications CSR Head


  • Göran in his subtle way of guiding and prodding and asking curious questions, has opened up new perspectives and ways of thinking. His style is asking questions with perspectives just in front of what I had already seen. Infusing and enriching my perspectives. Göran is a wonderful mentor and friend, and I deeply appreciate his advice and mentoring style. In my current situation, in transition, his perspective and hands-on advice have allowed me to proceed confidently and build my “basic stance”/balance while navigating uncertain terrain and gradually finding my full potential.


  • "Five days solo on the mountain. Close to nature and myself. With only senses, thoughts, and emotions, apart from distractions other than a set of questions to reflect on. Watch, phone, and a book were put away and stored Days passed differently, both quickly and slowly, from time to time, allowing me to listen to and follow the inner rhythm.
    My basic need was time off. To slow down and separate from the many processes I had become too busy with. The solo helped me with this. And much more; besides slowing down, I reconnected inward with myself, values, drivers, and the important stuff. And I reconnected outward with nature and the whole, giving me new perspectives on old thoughts.
    The week was a continuum of reflection and exploring, step by step, happening when ready for them. I experienced the Nature Quest based on an approach and set of basic tools to support reflection and exploring, leading to connection. Göran shares his deep knowledge of old traditions and approaches to life and works at the intersection of traditional knowledge and modern science.
    All participants had different purposes with the Quest, and sharing these individual thoughts and reflections added another valuable dimension. Whatever purpose and reason one has to take some time off, I can really recommend a Nature Quest."
    Jonas Wikström - Leaderchip Specialist at Folke Bernadotteakademin (FBA)
  • It was a great adventure, I seem to have returned looking rested and tanned, assuming I had been relaxing on the beach. If only they knew. Hard to really share something so detailed to do with time and the senses opening up, particularly in everyday discourse. I have come away with something to treasure and the sense that more of this work is necessary. I know it is a start of a process that fits into other processes already taking place in me.

    Experienced professional counselor and psychotherapist, London

  • "Two days ago, I met with one of our recent Archipelago Quest participants. She is a member of the executive team that we, together with Nature Academy Learning Lab, brought to the far-out skerries of the Stockholm Archipelago. I asked her what she thought about our exercise. Well, she said, some of us were a bit sceptical before we went out; however, that changed during the preparations, and we all thought it was great!  Let's start at the beginning. The CEO of a super successful company called us in early spring. As she expressed it, she wanted to develop the executive team even further. They were already doing things right, processes were working well, clients were delighted, and employees were happy. “There is still some potential in finding common courage based on a common holistic view. If we reach that level, we can secure our fulfilment of the vision over time, despite fast environmental changes”.
    The CEO, who is brave, dynamic, and very bright, was challenged by the somewhat different format that we presented—challenged positively. She could soon see that our approach was different from traditional workshops in terms of format and potential impact. The decision was made, and the team received brief information. We emphasised the potential outcome of the Quest and the setting in beautiful nature, a rare opportunity for deep reflection on the most critical questions and issues. During preparations the evening before the Quest, we could already see that the team members actively sought to follow and understand the information, tools, and exercises. Even the silence was welcomed. After the Quest, gathering all team members from their skerries was a great joy. Big smiles on quiet faces.  The team has gathered after the Quest to secure all new perspectives on corporate issues. There was a concrete plan on how to continue."
  • Alexandra BergAlexandra Berg

    "I just love that place…brings back so many memories of when I walked down that slope at the beginning of my nature quest nearly four years ago. That was the catalyst for profound and important changes in my life. I’m so grateful for it all 🙏🏼❤️"


  • Christian Clemens, koncernchef i TUI gruppen Christian Clemens, koncernchef i TUI gruppen

    ”Hej Göran och tack för sist, spontant tyckte jag att det var häftigt att verkligen hinna tänka helt ostört och jag tycker att resultatet i diskussionen efteråt var en av de öppnaste och bästa vi haft i vår ledningsgrupp, där vi ofta är väldigt operativa och snabba att lösa problem, men sällan tar oss tiden att verkligen tänka efter”

    Christian Clemens, koncernchef i TUI gruppen

  • Eva ÖhmanEva Öhman

    "Måste få tipsa om Göran Gennvis (till synes) enkla, fint hållna och smått magiska Nature Quest i helgen. Vi startade och avslutade i grupp, däremellan två dygn i ensamhet. Ingen mat - jepp, fasta. Ingen mobil eller andra distraktioner. Ingen att prata med - bara ’me, myself and I’. Förutom tältet, en riktigt varm sovsäck, 6 liter vatten och 17 djupgående frågor. Och naturen förstås. Timmarna blir många. Tankarna långa. Eller snarare inga. Skogen, träden och marken bara finns där, omhuldar, skyddar och bär. En ynnest att inse. Utrensning på många nivåer. Digital detox, skogsbad för överstimulerade och trötta sinnen och kalibrering av den inre kompassen efter covid-våren och rent allmänt, den här märkliga tiden. Borde nästan vara obligatoriskt... Världen skulle vara en lugnare och ljusare plats. Rekommenderas varmt."

  • Ellika Hermansson TörökEllika Hermansson Török

    "I helgen fick jag äntligen chans att göra ett 48-timmars ”Nature Quest”, jättefint arrangerat av Göran Gennvi, Stiftelsen Ekskäret. Man spenderar alltså två dygn själv ute i naturen (utan mobil och annan förströelse) med målet om ”att bli den bästa versionen av sig själv”. Vi får väl se hur det blir med den saken, men jag gör åtminstone ett försök. Under de två dygnen har jag fastat, yogat, tänkt och känt en massa, medan jag vilat ögon och öron på havet, klipporna, skogen och stjärnhimlen - innan jag krupit ned i min sköna varma sovsäck i mitt tält och sovit som en stock. Kan VARMT rekommendera denna närvaro- och insiktsfyllda upplevelse. Sätter ljus på det som är viktigt, och hjälper en navigera i livet. Stort tack." 

  • Philip Janzon JarlPhilip Janzon Jarl#relate

    "I think this past week on top of that mountain might have changed me more than anything prior, and here’s an early attempt to explain how.
    I’m still processing and integrating my experiences, but so far, it all falls back to presence.
    When faced with no distractions (no people, no phone, no books), no routines or decisions (no dressing, no cooking), no tasks, and not even time-tracking (just the sun), something magical happens. 
    I started paying attention. Once I accepted and got past the boredom that naturally arose, a whole new world opened up.
    I started seeing connections in nature, my senses became more sensitive, and I started seeing bigger systems of how things are connected.
    I started seeing all the small details of things I had no idea was there and realized not only how magical everything is, from a “simple” blueberry to myself, but I started seeing, and more importantly feeling, how it’s all part of one system, how WE are all part of one system. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    I started calling it my true presence because it felt more real. I wasn’t just there as a person observing an item or an experience, I WAS the experience (I know it sounds crazy, but I have no other way to explain it right now, that’s how it felt).
    In that presence, in that state of mind, only joy and love lived. I was blown away. Actually, after a while, I started laughing. Laughing at the irony of how we’re all walking around half miserable, seeking happiness, all we have to do is stop and start paying attention. To ourselves. To other people. To all the beauty around us and inside of us.
    A #NatureQuest can really be a life-changing experience. It surely was for me. If you’re in Sweden and want to know more, head over to @naturacademy."

  • Annika ShellyAnnika Shelly
    "My Nature Quest started before we even stepped into the teepee and the wonderful smudging. In a very short time, I experienced a total nature Emerson with effects that will go beyond a few short days. Thanks to Göran, our intrepid leader and guide to the great outdoors & ultimately, our inner world, which is so obviously linked. The Nature Quest has short-circuited (my) inner wisdom, which we all possess but have largely forgotten. You and your work are like the meeting of many streams that are building a Force for the world as powerful as Nature herself."
  • Ole Range – MIL InstituteOle Range – MIL Institute

    "Att arbeta med ledare & organisationsutvecklingar har inte sällan karaktären av att fånga ständigt undflyende ögonblick. Intressenter och konkurrenter jagar i varje situation marginaler och tiden, eller snarare upplevelsen av brist på tid, leder alltför ofta till alltför dåliga beslut. Möjligheter att stanna upp och tänka efter i djupare mening minimeras till förmån för en utökad förmåga till flexibilitet och blixtsnabba omställningar. En trolig konsekvens blir att alltfler aktörer blir alltmer ”mainstream” i allt snabbare takt i sin jakt på den gäckande originaliteten. Ramen för systematisk eftertanke saknas men jag tror att Naturakademin har själva nyckeln i sin idé. Ledare jag arbetat med & som upplevt programmen vittnar om upplevelser av en sällsam stillhet, en annan tidräkning och förskjutningar av personliga såväl som professionella perspektiv av bestående karaktär. Enkelheten och tystnaden blir alltmer exklusiv i vår globaliserade värld med sitt bullrande monotona utbud. En plats i civilisationens utmark, utom räckhåll för både 4 & 5G master, kommer att bli alltmer eftertraktad. Jag vet för egen del att jag återvänder dit med andra chefsgrupper för att söka stillheten, den klara tanken och den djupa känslan som vi finner i "Naturakademin."


  • Cecilia BergCecilia BergAgenda 2030
    "Jag tycker att vårt arbete med att bygga kapacitet och förmåga har lett fram till att politikerna och tjänstemännen som deltagit I dessa "Learning Labs"  insett komplexiteten i våra ambitioner och verksamheter. De har förstått att allt hänger ihop i Agenda 2030 och att de behöver samverka för att åstadkomma resultat. De har insett att dialogen ger dem tillgång till fler perspektiv på ambitioner, nuläge, fokus och utvecklingsområden.
    Metoden och verktygen, tex de genomtänkta frågorna i samtalsdukarna lockar fram dialog och tränar oss att både reflektera och uttrycka vad ambitionerna betyder bortom floskler.
    De strukturerade dialogerna bygger tillit och förståelse mellan politikerna. När de lär sig att lyssna aktivt på varandra minskar risken för konflikt. Jag upplever att den här lärprocessen ger oss goda förutsättningar att åstadkomma samsyn kring målbilder och det ambitiösa hållbarhetsarbetet över mandatperioder i Falu kommun.”
  • "I was fortunate to participate in Naturakademins's recent, WiLD Nature Quest in the mountains up north in Sweden in July. I got a profound understanding of my life and myself. I highly recommend Göran to all executives in the world. Get Wild, people!"

  • "In my work, I have relied largely on my intellect and applied "the Harvard way" to the tough challenges that need to be dealt with. The simple techniques that Naturakademin and WiLD taught us during a retreat for business leaders provided a turning point for me. It is as simple as slowing down the mind and letting the answers come without effort and from a deeper source. I think all people - especially those leading others - should have access to these techniques. And the earlier you get them - the better!"

  • "Jag är pånyttfödd. En vecka varav 4 dygn i solo, dvs. själv i en mindre cirkel, utan mat, utan sällskap. Bara jag och naturen, mina tankar och närvaron. Inte så mycket annat att göra. Hämtade mitt vatten från, och badade i, den iskalla fjällbäcken, som såg ut som något från Sagan om ringen. Och utsikten, Oh My God. Jag har rest mycket i mina dagar, och sett många vackra vyer. Detta var något utöver det ordinära. Valde en blåsig plats på en bergskam med utsikt över en vidsträckt dal med tre glittrande sjöar, snöbetäckta fjälltoppar i öster, i söder och Norges majestätiska fjällkedja i väster. Fjällvädrets uppfriskande nyckfullhet och solens resa över himlavalvet. Solnedgångar att dö för. Dagarna och minnena flyter ihop. Vid ett tillfälle, efter årtiondets hagelstorm där jag ligger ensam i tältet och undrar om det ska blåsa sönder, spricker himlen så smått upp och jag möts av regnbågen på ena sidan av dalen och solens strålar som skär ner genom molnen på andra sidan, som i en katedral. Det är svårt att inte bli ödmjuk vid ett sådant tillfälle. Eller när helikoptern, det första jag ser från civilisationen på tre dagar, flyger rakt över mitt huvud och försvinner västerut, och jag bryter ihop i tårar och tacksamhet för att jag är en del av något större än mig själv. Och sen skrattar högt inför min egen begynnande galenskap.

    Jag bär med mig många vackra ögonblick. Det viktigaste är dock vad jag tar med mig framåt. Känner först och främst ett mycket starkare band till och ödmjukhet inför naturen än tidigare. Jag antar att det är vad som händer när det inte finns så mycket annat att göra än att studera en humla i en timme. Eller när jag står i full mundering i hällregn och blickar ut över åskvädret och blixtrarna på andra fjälltoppen. För det andra inser jag att jag gjort en enorm resa de senaste åren, och jag känner mig mer grundad än någonsin. Upplever en stark tillit till livet och till mig själv, bortom de yttre symboler för framgång som vi ofta omger oss med. Inser hur viktigt det är att agera med intention och eftertänksamhet, inte reaktivt och av slentrian. Bär också på en väldigt djup närvarokänsla. Blir lätt tårögd inför det vackra, ett musikstycke kan få mig att helt släppa det jag gör och stanna upp som i trans i flera minuter. Inser att livet är ett mysterium, och jag har bara nu att leva det till fullo. Ödmjukhet och närvaro, vänner. Det är fina ord.Ville bara förmedla en liten glimt, hoppas det gav något. Rekommenderar alla att göra detta. Naturakademin Learning Lab anordnar nästa i höst, i skärgården, för den som vill."

  • "Jag deltog i en Nature Quest både av personliga och av professionella skäl. Efter att ha deltagit i en kortare Quest tillsammans med John P Milton och Göran Gennvi för flera år sedan har jag hela tiden vetat att jag vill göra det igen. Att få möjligheten att skapa en egen Quest, med bästa möjliga guidning med utan att behöva ta till sig ett färdigt koncept, är en unik möjlighet. För mig handlar det om att bättre förstå hur man genom närvaro och avslappning kommer närmare sig själv och omgivningen, och hur tankar och beslut kan bli klarare. Den nära kontakten med naturen är avgörande för att detta ska ske. Jag tycker Nature Quest har gett nya perspektiv på såväl små som stora saker. Jag märkte av en ökad uppmärksamhet när jag kom tillbaka till vardagen. I mitt arbete med ledare i näringslivet kommer jag att ha stor glädje av nya tankar. Jag kommer också föreslå ett par av dem att själva delta i en kommande Nature Quest eller motsvarande."

  • "Inte kunde jag ana att helt solokvist med ett tält, en renfäll, vatten, citroner och lite cayennepeppar, skulle bli några av mina viktigaste dagar i livet. Den starka upplevelsen av hur en känsla av Ensamhet förvandlas till en helt överväldigande upplevelse av Enhet blev så avgörande att jag nu definierar mitt liv som ett ”före” och ett ”efter” Solon. När jag tillät den vilda fjällvärlden att hänföra mig, att föra mig bort från vardagens tankesplittring, uppstod två möten. Det första mötet var med vår fantastiska planet och hela himlavalvet därtill. Ett möte som plötsligt löstes upp med känslan av att jag var ju också detta. Begreppen ”ut i naturen”, ”vi måste vara rädda om naturen” kändes plötsligt märkliga – jag är ju detta. Det andra mötet var mötet med mitt inre. Mina tankar visade sig genereras ur föreställningar och gamla mönster. Detta kunde i ”tystnaden” träda fram i ljuset på den lilla bergsplatå där jag slagit läger med dag och natt, fåglar och renar, bäckar och stenar. Identifieringen med mitt inre släppte och jag såg varigenom jag filtrerade verkligheten. Naturens kärlekskraft var tvingande. Känslan av gränslös frihet och tillit infann sig. I år är det minsann dags för nästa Nature Quest.

    Jag längtar…"

  • De tre dagarnas Solo var en av de mest kraftfulla verktygen för personlig utveckling jag kommit i kontakt med. När vi lämnar våra liv och distraktionerna bakom oss och ensamma ger oss ut i det vilda för att möta det som ligger framför oss händer något. Vi börjar se oss själva och de tankar och mönster som sällan kommer till ytan. De insikter som kommer under en solo är inte kognitiva, de är känslomässiga och därför mycket mer kraftfulla när det kommer till beteendeförändring. Upplevelsen är svår att sätta ord på, den måste delas och kännas, men jag lovar dig; den var av ett livsavgörande slag.

  • We have had the privilege to be guided by Göran through a two-year regenerative learning process to find the source code for success and for our complete international organization to internalize the findings. A better understanding of the importance of trust-building in our business and how to nourish a trust-building corporate culture has been developed through different dialogue workshops. All employees participated in three major Learning Labs, both internationally and in Sweden. Strategy work was carried out with the CEO between the learning labs to fine-tune the source code and conceptualize a corporate culture description. Our strengthened culture, improved financial results, and growth rate are the best receipt of the value of Göran's work. A more significant international player has acquired Thurne Teknik, and the structural capital developed over the last year will be an excellent platform for continued and accelerated growth.

    Göran quickly gained the trust and respect of the cultural diversity group and was early appreciated as part of the team. He was very responsive and helpful in the week's planning and could understand our specific organizational and industry challenges well. Through a well-organized and thoughtful week of scheduled workshops, open dialogues, and meditations, we all came home energized, relaxed, dedicated, filled with new insights, and much more potent as a team. The session and the work done by Göran were well above all our expectations, and we can see the good results already in our daily operations.

  • Göran is one of our (oh so important) co-creators at Houdini Sportswear. As such, he has contributed immensely to our journey in many more ways than I and perhaps he had initially anticipated. From leading the entire Houdini team through a Nature Quest in the outer archipelago to engaging in our philosophical reflections around our brand and purpose to helping shape our plan for the future to connecting us with key thought leaders to reach even further. Göran is this curious, wise, generous, and fun systems thinker who engages, goes in-depth, and innovates systemically, leaving nothing or no one behind.
    Thanks, Göran!

  • Victoria BastideVictoria BastideCTO, Lifesum

    We at Lifesum had the pleasure to work with Göran on both the leadership level and with the whole company on our future vision and strategy. Göran was key to get us moving fwd. Göran really demonstrated how experienced and talented he is in the field of transformation and leadership development. His competence, way of listing to what is happening, wisdom, positive energy, and adaptability to the situation makes it a treat to work with him.

  • Philip Jonzon JarlPhilip Jonzon Jarl

    When faced with no distractions (no people, no phone, no books), no routines or decisions (no dressing, no cooking), no tasks, not even time-tracking (just the sun), something magical happened. I started paying attention. Once I accepted and got past the boredom that naturally arose, a whole new world opened up. I started seeing connections in nature, my senses became more sensitive and I started seeing bigger systems of how things are connected. I started seeing all the small details of things I had no idea was there and realized not only how magical everything is, from a “simple” blueberry to myself, but I started seeing, and more importantly feeling, how it’s all part of one system. How WE are all part of one system. I started calling it true presence to myself because it felt more real. I wasn’t just there as a person observing an item or an experience, I WAS the experience.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    In that presence, in that state of mind, lived only joy and love. I was blown away. Actually, after a while, I started laughing. Laughing at the irony of how we’re all walking around half miserable seeking for happiness when all we have to do is stop and start paying attention. To ourselves. To other people. To all the beauty around us, and inside of us. A #NatureQuest can really be a life-changing experience. It surely was for me. If you’re in Sweden and want to know more, head over to @natureacademy.

Dela Gärna Sidan