Nature Academy Learning Lab

In Bin by Göran Gennvi

Our purpose is to co-create a common and desired future. We offer methods and tools to cultivate the transformative skills needed to mutate to a higher level of awareness and our capability to handle complexity by getting Grounded, tools for Breakthrough Conversations, Accessing Nature’s Wisdom, and developing the inner Pathfinder. To reconnect our most profound inner code for adaptation, development, and survival.

Regenerative development requires knowledge and understanding of life’s conditions on a planet with finite resources as well as human nature. In addition, it requires consensus and cooperation to address the mutual threats facing it and ascertain its possibilities. Nature Academy offers effective methods and tools for Transformative Leadership, strategic collaboration, and innovation for the desired future.

Inner Compass – In a world where the rate of change is constantly increasing, and old truths are broken against new ones, the need for a solid foundation becomes all the more crucial. It requires us to have a calibrated inner compass. To know ourselves, to go inward and be observed. This applies to both individuals and leaders, as well as organisations.

Learning Labs – provides a safe and co-creative process where the diversity of perspectives, competencies, and experiences reverberate from one another, providing the conditions to address complex questions and dilemmas. This leads to transformative lessons in individual and organisational development.

Pathfinder training at SOL annual meeting Boston