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When was the last time you got wild?

Get WiLD with a Nature Quest, practical nature-based wisdom and awareness training, and retreat in the wilderness, combined with a contemporary Solo in Nature. Experiencing a Nature Quest can have a profoundly transforming effect on your life. The fundamental purpose is to provide a straightforward introduction to sensing and integrating perceptual refinement with meditating upon sensorial connections with Nature – utilizing the core principles of relaxation and presence.


In dealing with the rapid change and the global challenges that civilization is currently facing, it is necessary to adapt and be guided by your inner compass and creativity. The Nature Quest gives you a chance to explore your inner territory and let your ”blind spots” transform and evolve. It is necessary to be open, aware, and responsive so that you can act with laser-focused clarity to the challenges triggered by emerging and rapid changes from moment to moment. Consequently, finding the tools and methods to build the capacity to ground and balance yourself to stabilize your core during rapid and emerging change is crucial. This foundation would allow you to access and tune into your inner condition, the deep code that appears ingrained, formed within the evolutionary cycle of humankind, your wild, true Nature. In any given context, the deep code is where you will tune in towards balance and harmony within yourself. It is surprisingly simple, yet it holds the answer for resilience and stability. To cope with the many challenges in our contemporary world is like “surfing at the edge of chaos,” and a proper stance is key. Your inner condition will be the “stance” to make it possible to adapt to the uncertainty of change in any given context.”

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By refining each fields of awareness, and senses you will be mentally and physically better prepared, more present, attuned and aware. Sensing and mediation are ways to open up for clarity and cultivate intuition. This inner work will facilitate you in opening up on a human-nature deep ecological level.

This foundational approach starts with relaxation, to open the path by releasing all forms of contraction, tension, blockage, and holding on to past, present, and future. This helps to be truly open to what is there, within yourself and beyond, within the tangible and intangible domains. Ultimately, it is experienced as a complete surrender into the truth of here and now, bringing in stillness and deep presence in the moment. Once the tensions and blockages are released, the possibility of realizing presence naturally arises. “To be fully present allows too deeply connect, sense and listen into with whatever is appearing moment by moment. All distractions dissolve in the only time there is: now” - John P Milton – Way of Nature.

The outcome

A Nature Quest and wilderness experience often result in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, an increase in creativity, and a more clear, centered, and harmonious awareness, all of which helps you to be well equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities that life may have to offer. If you choose to trust: the natural world can support you in the process to bring profound peace, self-respect, and revelation – your authentic self. By maintaining a high degree of presence you get the basic fundaments for learning and develop the skills to increase capacities for adaptation and creativity. All choice-making in all possible contexts is founded on these capacities. Once a person masters the skills, one is ready to respond to any possible set of circumstances. This is how the deep code for creativity and learning can be applied in everyday life.

The Quest

If you are wrestling with a big, burning question or decision, or sense you’re being called to something greater in life. The Quest will take you away from your everyday pressures and responsibilities. It will give you a chance to get quiet, dig deep and connect with what's most important in your life. Get fresh perspectives on challenging issues and important decisions.

For whom

Leadership starts with our inner Self, and this training provides a setting for you to establish a deeper inner connection. By helping to remove the noise of everyday life you will enable yourself to connect to what is emerging in your life and get in touch with your deeper purpose. We invite you to immerse yourself and listen inwards. To de-mask and join a safe space away from societal expectations. You will gain a re-calibrated inner compass that allows you to summon balance and focus in the places where decisions are made.

Nature as the classroom and the teacher

Beautiful places are not only an adventure or an inspiring background but a catalyst that boosts deeper and more long-lasting insights. Nature has all the time in the world. When you are out there, you automatically relax into the present moment. Weather and wind, light and darkness, hunger and thirst divide our time organically in total accord with nature. Our places are carefully chosen in the archipelago, the forests, and the mountains.

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Going on a Quest - The Process

The process works with individuals or groups maximum of sixteen. The group size allows each person ample opportunity to receive focused attention and personal coaching, as well as benefit from the wisdom and experience of others and the leaders.

Day One – Wisdom & Intention

Assess where you are right now and identify the areas in your work and personal life that need attention. Clarify what area(s) you want to explore and develope during your solo time on Day 2-6. Learn and practice some of the tools for Deep Relaxation, Precense and Nature Awareness.

You will

  • Learn to access practical nature-based wisdom, cultivate your perception
  • challenge, and confront the contradictions in your body through deep relaxation and presence.
  • Strengthen your self-awareness and guide yourself toward a more conscious self
  • Fuel your aspiration by connecting to what inspires you
  • to reconnect with your deeper purpose. Map out a clear vision and prioritise the steps to make it real.

Dates in the Mountain:
Sunday, June 30th - Saturday, July 6st (7 days)

Price per person
10.000 SEK ink VAT
OBS! Food, accommodation, and transportation are omitted.

Dates in the Archipelago
Friday, Aug 30 – Sunday  1 Sept
Friday, Sept 13 – Sunday 15
Friday, Oct    4 – Sunday  6
Saturday Oct 12 – Monday 15 (IDG)
OBS: 10%  discount when you reserve one month before the starting date

Price per person:
3.750 SEK Inc. VAT
Food, accommodation, and transportation should be included!

Solo days – Insight

Spend solo days outdoors in the mountains. Described as a profound ”presensing" experience, Day 2 - 6 is a unique opportunity to be alone to fully experience and re-connect with nature. Practice and cultivate Relaxation, Precense and Nature Awareness for Deep Adaptation .

Re-Entry and Integration Days

Intigrate the story of your solo experience and expand your understanding of its message and meaning. Weave your insights from the days into a compelling vision that will inspire you to practical action. Clarify and commit to what it will take to bring your new vision and insights into reality.



Your safety and well-being are of our utmost concern; in fact, participating in a Nature Quest is as safe as going on a hike. A uniquely designed "buddy system" with daily checkpoints allows you, your fellows, and your guides to verify the safety of everyone involved, while still honoring your solitude. In addition, a base camp is located nearby, and a call brings an adjoining solo partner or guides into your site shortly.

While on solo, no reading, writing, or campfires are recommended. You may eat simple foods of your preference and enjoy the comforts of your own tent. When you remove the trappings of everyday life, your essence can be revealed.

Contact and questions:

Göran Gennvi (Get WiLD Adventures by Nature Academy AB)
Text/phone: +46705128198

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