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“When faced with no distractions (no people, no phone, no books), no routines or decisions (no dressing, no cooking), no tasks, not even time-tracking (just the sun), something magical happened.⠀⠀
I started paying attention. Once I accepted and got past the boredom that naturally arose, a whole new world opened up. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I started seeing connections in nature, my senses became more sensitive, and I started seeing bigger systems of how things are connected. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I started seeing all the small details of things I had no idea was there and realized not only how magical everything is, from a “simple” blueberry to myself, but I started seeing, and more importantly, feeling, how it’s all part of one system, how WE are all part of one system. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I started calling it true presence to myself because it felt more real. I wasn’t just there as a person observing an item or an experience; I WAS the experience.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In that presence, in that state of mind, lived only joy and love. I was blown away. Actually, after a while, I started laughing. Laughing at the irony of how we’re all walking around half miserable seeking happiness when all we have to do is stop and start paying attention. To ourselves. To other people. To all the beauty around us and inside of us. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A #NatureQuest can really be a life-changing experience. It surely was for me. If you’re in Sweden and want to know more, head over to @naturacademy.”


The challenge

In dealing with the rapid change that civilization is currently facing, it is necessary to learn to adapt and be guided by your own inner compass and creativity. Nature Quest allows you to explore your inner territory and let your ”blind spots” transform and evolve. It is necessary to be open, aware, and responsive to act with laser-focused clarity to the challenges triggered by emerging and rapid changes, moment to moment. Consequently, it is important to find the tools and methods to build the capacity to ground and balance yourself to stabilize your core during rapid and emerging change.  This foundation would allow you to access and tune into the inner condition, the deep code that appears to be ingrained in our essence, formed within the evolutionary cycle of humankind, your wild, true nature. This is where you will tune in towards balance and harmony within yourself in any given context. It is surprisingly simple, yet it holds the answer for resilience and stability.

The Nature Quest

If you are wrestling with a big, burning question or decision, or sense, you’re being called to something greater in life. The Quest will take you away from your everyday pressures and responsibilities. It will allow you to get quiet, dig deep and connect with what’s most important in your life. Get fresh perspectives on challenging issues and important decisions.
Nature Quest is a practical nature-based wisdom, awareness training, and retreat in the wilderness, combined with a contemporary Solo in nature. Experiencing a Nature Quest can have a deeply transforming effect on your life. The fundamental purpose is to provide a simple and clear introduction to sensing and integrating perceptual refinement with meditating upon sensorial connections with Nature – utilizing the core principles of relaxation and presence – to become and remain grounded.

Nature Quest by Göran Gennvi

Become Grounded

To cope with the many challenges in our contemporary world is like “surfing at the edge of chaos,” and a proper stance is key. Your inner condition will be the “stance” to make it possible to adapt to the uncertainty of change in any given context.” By refining each field of awareness and senses, you will be mentally and physically better prepared, more present, attuned, and aware. Sensing and meditation are ways to open up for clarity and cultivate intuition. This inner work will facilitate you in opening up on a human-nature deep ecological level.

This foundational approach starts with relaxation, to open the path by releasing all forms of contraction, tension, blockage, and holding on to the past, present, and future. This helps to be truly open to what is there, within yourself and beyond, within the tangible and intangible domains. Ultimately, it is experienced as a complete surrender into the truth of here and now, bringing in the stillness and deep presence of the moment. Once the tensions and blockages are released, the possibility of realizing presence naturally arises.
“To be fully present allows too deeply connect, sense and listen into whatever is appearing moment by moment. All distractions dissolve in the only time there is: now” – John P Milton – Way of Nature.

The outcome

A Nature Quest often results in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, an increase in creativity, and a more clear, centered, and harmonious awareness, all of which help you to be well-equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities that life may have to offer. If you choose to trust: the natural world can support you in bringing profound peace, self-respect, and revelation – your authentic self. By maintaining a high degree of presence, you get the basic fundaments for learning and develop the skills to increase capacities for adaptation and creativity. All choice-making in all possible contexts is founded on these capacities. Once one masters the skills, one is ready to respond to any circumstances. This is how the deep code for creativity and learning can be applied in everyday life.

You will

  • become and remain grounded – be wiser and more present with what goes on
  • ego relaxation – relax into the moment and explore what’s here
  • release control – surrender
  • gratitude is relaxation out of fear
  • generate feelings of love
  • decide to trust
  • learn to access practical nature-based wisdom
  • cultivate your perception
  • Challenge and confront the contradictions in your body through deep relaxation and presence,
  • strengthen your self-awareness and guide you toward a more conscious Self
  • fuel your aspiration by connecting to what inspires you
  • To reconnect with your deeper purpose. Map out a clear vision and prioritize the steps to make it real.

Dates in the Mountain
Sunday, 25th – Saturday 1st, July 2023  (7 days)
Sunday, 20th August – Saturday 26th, August 2023 (7 days)
8.000 SEK inc. VAT/private/self-employed
10.000 SEK inc. VAT for organizations
OBS! Food, accommodation, and transportation are omitted.

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Dates in the Archipelago

April – June 2023
Friday 12th – Sunday 14th of May 2023
Friday 2th – Sunday 4rd of June 2023

Price per person:
3.500 SEK inc. VAT
OBS! Food, accommodation, and transportation are not included.

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Nature Quest by Göran Gennvi

For whom

The process works with individuals or groups of a maximum of sixteen. The group size allows each person ample opportunity to receive focused attention and personal coaching, as well as benefit from the wisdom and experience of others and the leaders.

Leadership starts with our inner Self, and this training provides a setting for you to establish a deeper inner connection. By helping to remove the noise of everyday life, you will enable yourself to connect to what is emerging in your life and get in touch with your deeper purpose. We invite you to immerse yourself and listen inwards. To de-mask and join a safe space away from societal expectations. You will gain a re-calibrated inner compass that allows you to summon balance and focus in the places where decisions are made.

Place Nature as the classroom and the teacher

Beautiful places are not only an adventure or an inspiring background but a catalyst that boosts deeper and more long-lasting insights. Nature has all the time in the world. When you are out there, you automatically relax into the present moment. Weather and wind, light and darkness, hunger and thirst divide our time organically in total accord with nature. Our places are carefully chosen in the archipelago, the forests, and the mountains.

The Archipelago and Vålådalen Nature reserve in Jämtland
Day 1 and re-entry days are held on the retreat center grounds. Day 2 – 6 will be at a remote, wild location.

The Preparation

The core of the retreat is the Solo, time alone in nature. It creates a setting for you to relax, find balance, and establish a deeper under­standing of your inner self and a deeper sense of interconnectedness with the natural world. Before and after the Solo, you will be engaged in group processes with your co-participants, campfire dialogs, and meditation practices to prepare yourself for the Solo and support you to integrate the Solo experience before returning to your everyday life. During the Solo, you will find a special spot for yourself in nature and stay there for the Solo time.


Researchers have identified two forms of attention: focus and non-focus. Focus attention is put into use in everyday life and is very demanding because competing stimuli must be eliminated. This brain frequency appears mainly in the left hemisphere. Over-using it creates mental stress, dysfunctions, and reduced tolerance for disappointments and misfortunes. Non-focused attention generates creativity, curiosity, and rapture. It comes spontaneously with pleasing sights, sounds, and smells. Non-focused attention seems to be a distinctive feature of the right hemisphere.

Consciously entering into the non-focused attention frequencies is one of the central skills we practice at our Nature Quest programs. Our aim is that all our participants will be more creative and balanced after having rediscovered and exercised their senses, thus enabling them to enter into the different domains and facets of their consciousness, all according to the demands of the situation. Read more: This is your brain on nature – National Geographic.


During most Nature Quests, we suggest but do not insist that you fast during the Solo period. We have had great success with the ‘Master Cleanse’ as our method of choice. Master Cleanse instructions will be included in the packing list. If you choose to fast, your diet before and after the solo should be light and easy to assimilate. If you do not fast, we suggest you keep on a light and simple diet, with only two meals a day, and progressively reduce the amount of food eaten (particularly heavier foods) the longer you are out on the Solo. Be sure to drink at least half a gallon of water daily, even fasting. You will bring your own food during the Solo if you are eating. Read what the science says: Fasting can help against brain diseases – The Guardian.

Going on a Quest

The GetWild process works with individuals or groups. The group size allows each person ample opportunity to receive focused attention and personal coaching and benefit from the wisdom and experience of other group members. In this program, we will give a brief overview of theories, methods, and tools and ”read more” like – Theory -U, ”Thanksgiving Address,” Nature Awareness & Tracking, Way of Nature and The Twelve Principles, Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel, e t c.

The Nature Quest has five phases;
> decision – when the internal process has started
> preparation – taking care of all the practical questions, worries, and ”to-dos” to make the best room for the transformative experience 
> teaching – the philosophies, theories, methods, and tools needed to make use of the solo time (make the big difference between a wilderness haik and a Nature Quest)
> Solo – alone and retreat time in nature
> re-entry – cultivating the” post Nature Quest process” and internalizing new awareness in everyday life.

Nature Quest by Göran Gennvi

This is the process.
Before the Quest – You will get a welcoming call, then a preparing letter, a letter with practical advice about the Quest, gear and advice for preparation, etc.: attached is also a recommended but voluntary questionnaire, ”The U Journaling Practice” to read and answer (only for oneself) with the purpose of better tune in mind, heart, and soul to the Quest.

Digital Teaching – a 90-minute digital introduction and getting to know each other to build security and trust in the group. Assess where you are right now and identify your work and personal areas that need attention. Clarify what area(s) you want to explore during your solo time on Days 2-6. Learn to utilize the GetWiLD process for calibrating the inner compass. A brief introduction to; Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, The Medicine Wheel, The 12 Principles, The U Journaling Practice, and Sensing e t c Q & A

day 1On-site TeachingWisdom and Intention
Assess where you are right now and identify your work and personal areas that need attention. Clarify what area(s) you want to explore and develop during your solo time on Day 2-(6). Learn and practice some of the tools for Deep Relaxation, Presence, and Nature Awareness. Practice and learn the GetWiLD tool and methods like; Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, The Medicine Wheel, The 12 Principles, The U Journaling Practice, and Sensing for calibrating the inner compass.

day 2-5Solo days & nights – Insight
Spending solo days outdoors in the mountains/archipelago is described as a profound ”presencing” experience. Day 2 – 5 is a unique opportunity to be alone to fully experience and reconnect with nature. Practice and cultivate Relaxation, Presence, and Nature Awareness for Deep Adaptation.
With the help of carefully selected and well-proven methods, the relationship with the inner as well as the outer nature is deepened. Layer after layer is peeled off with the help of powerful tools until you reach the innermost core and you have the opportunity to reset the Source code.

The layers peeled off are the blockages that stand in the way and prevent us from hearing both ourselves and our true nature (the source), the constant vibration through life and existence. A deep sense of meaning for those who can perceive and open their deepest consciousness, give up, and realize and surrender to the spiritual gift of being part of the metabolism in communion with all other life forms.

Nature Quest by Göran Gennvi

day 6Re-Entry and Integration
Integrate the story of your solo experience and expand your understanding of its message and meaning. Weave your insights from the days into a compelling vision that will inspire you to practical action. Clarify and commit to what it will take to bring your new vision and insights into reality.

day 7Departure & Arrival
We will gather before lunch on the arrival day and engage in preparing for the Solo. In this case, a Solo is spent alone on an island or a mountain slope with your ”Self.” Then, around noon on the re-entry day, we will come back together to integrate the Solo experience before you return to the ’civilization’. The quest will be held in either English or Swedish, depending on the participants’ language.

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Your safety

Your safety and well-being during the Nature Quest are of our utmost concern. Participating in a Nature Quest is as safe as going on a hike. Daily checks allow for verifying the safety of everyone involved while still honoring your solitude. A base camp is located nearby, and a call brings an adjoining solo partner or guides to your site shortly. During the Solo, no reading, writing, or campfires are recommended. You may fast or eat simple foods of your preference and enjoy the comforts of your own tent. When you remove the demands, habits, and trappings of everyday life, the essence of yourself can be revealed.


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