Nature Quest 3 Days (Archipelago)


Retreating alone into the wild Nature Quest provides a powerful opportunity to step back and reflect on your life. It opens one up to a relationship with the natural world, which can enrich your own life as well as give you a deeper understanding of nature as a whole.


What: a unique opportunity for you to GetWiLD on a Nature Quest by spending overnights alone in the Archipelago.
Reconnect with nature and give yourself a” gift” – a unique, transformative, deep experience.
Anyone who wants to calibrate their inner compass and reconnect to their inner, outer, and true Nature.
Where: In our Nature Quest, we are visitors to a remote area in The Stockholm Archipelago that offers a unique nature with well-preserved habitats, flora, and fauna, which allows you to have immersive nature experiences. But it also means that you must be extra cautious when you visit there. This is because the forces of Nature shape the Archipelagos. Including erosion and rising or falling sea tables, as dynamic landmasses, archipelagos tend to offer dramatic scenery and breathtaking views.

Dates in the Archipelago
Friday, Maj 31 – Sunday, 2 June
Friday, Aug 23 – Sunday 25
 10%  discount when you reserve one month before the starting date

Price per person:
4.000 SEK Inc. VAT (Invoice)

OBS – invoice is subject to Swedish VAT, 25%  according to EU-directive 53

Cancellation Policy:
If the program is cancelled within one month before the start date, 50% will be reimbursed, and if it is cancelled within two weeks before the start date, 25% will be reimbursed.

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The Quest:
Nature Quest is a guided wilderness experience built around a Solo time alone in Nature. It’s a contemporary version of the ancient ritual of going into Nature alone for contemplation, renewal, and realignment. Retreating alone into the wild Nature Quest and sharing your experience with other participants provides a powerful opportunity to step back and reflect on your life.

It opens one up to a relationship with the natural world, which can enrich one’s life and give one a deeper understanding of the inner, outer and true Nature. Spending time alone in Nature is at the core of our genetic coding – when we are in solitude, we enter a world of long-past experiences and become free and wild again.

Before and after the Solo, you will share processes with your co-participants, such as campfire dialogues and awareness practices to deepen your experience. Some practices cultivate and refine the perceptions and senses, while others involve body scanning, meditation, and teaching wilderness skills. The rules and sufficient time will help you prepare and integrate the experience into yourself and re-enter your daily life.



More about the Nature Quest, a sense-based experience in Nature
Busy rhythms make it essential to step back and re-evaluate the paths we walk regularly. Nature Quest is a guided wilderness experience built around a Solo time alone in Nature. It’s a contemporary version of the ancient ritual of going into Nature alone for contemplation, renewal, and realignment.

Retreating alone in wild Nature and sharing your experience with other participants provides a powerful opportunity to step back and reflect on your life and work while reconnecting to Nature. It opens up an experience of a deep relationship with the natural world, which can enrich your own life and others and give a deeper understanding of Nature as a whole.


The retreat
The core of the retreat is the Solo time alone in Nature. It creates a setting for relaxing, finding balance, and establishing a deeper understanding of your inner self and a more profound sense of interconnectedness with the natural world. Before and after the Solo, you will be engaged in group processes with your co-participants, campfire dialogues, and meditation practices to prepare yourself for the Solo and support you in integrating the Solo experience before returning to your everyday life.

During the Solo, you will find a particular spot in Nature and stay there for the Solo time.

Researchers have identified two forms of attention: focus and non-focus. Focus attention is used in everyday life and is very demanding because competing stimuli must be eliminated. This brain frequency appears mainly in the left hemisphere. Overusing it creates mental stress, dysfunctions, and reduced tolerance for disappointments and misfortunes. Non-focused attention generates creativity, curiosity, and rapture. It comes spontaneously with pleasing sights, sounds, and smells. Non-focused attention is a distinctive feature of the right hemisphere.

Consciously entering into the non-focused attention frequencies is one of the central skills we practice at our Nature Quest programs. Our aim is that all our participants will be more creative and balanced after having rediscovered and exercised their senses, thus enabling them to enter into the different domains and facets of their consciousness, all according to the demands of the situation.

Read more: This is your brain on Nature, National Geographic.

During most Nature Quests, we suggest but do not insist that you fast during the Solo period. We have greatly succeeded with the ’Master Cleanse’ method of choice. Master Cleanse instructions will be included in the packing list. If you choose to fast, your diet before and after the Solo should be light and easy to assimilate. If you do not fast, we suggest you keep on a light and simple diet, with only two meals a day, and progressively reduce the amount of food eaten (particularly heavier foods) the longer you are out on the Solo. Be sure to drink at least half a gallon of water daily, even fasting. If you are eating, you will bring your food during the Solo.

Read what the science says: Fasting can help against brain diseases, The Guardian.

Your safety
Your safety and well-being during the Nature Quest are of our utmost concern. Participating in a Nature Quest is as safe as going on a hike. Daily checks allow for verifying the safety of everyone involved while still honouring your solitude. A gathering place is nearby, and a call will bring an adjoining solo partner or guides to your site shortly. During the Solo, no reading, writing, or campfires are recommended. You may fast or eat simple foods of your preference and enjoy the comforts of your own tent. When you remove the demands, habits, and trappings of everyday life, the essence of yourself can be revealed.

Departure & Arrival:
We will gather on Friday morning and prepare for the solo. In this case, a Solo spends two nights alone in a remote spot with your ”Self.” Then, around noon on Sunday, we will come back together to integrate the Solo experience before you return to the city. The Quest will be held in either English or Swedish, depending on the participants’ language.

The Process
The GetWild process works with individuals or groups. The group size allows each person ample opportunity to receive focused attention and personal coaching and benefit from the wisdom and experience of other group members. In this program, we will give a brief overview of theories, methods, and tools and” read more” like – Theory -U,” Thanksgiving Address”, Nature Awareness & Tracking, Way of Nature and The Twelve Principles, Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel, e t c.

A welcoming letter
A letter with practical advice about the Quest, gear, advice for preparation, etc.: attached is a recommended but voluntary questionnaire to read and answer (only for oneself) with the purpose of better tuning in mind, heart, and soul to the Quest.

Digital meeting
A 90-minute introduction and getting to know each other to build security and trust in the group. Assess where you are right now and identify the areas in your work and personal life that need attention. Clarify what area(s) you want to explore during your solo time on days 2-6. Learn to utilize the GetWiLD process to calibrate the inner compass. A brief introduction to; Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, The Medicine Wheel, The 12 Principles, The U Journaling Practice, Sensing and Q & A

Introduction day 1. – Wisdom and Intention
Practice the GetWiLD tool and methods like the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, The Medicine Wheel, The 12 Principles, The U Journaling Practice, and Sensing to calibrate the inner compass.

Solo days & nights 1-2  – Insight
Spend solo days outdoors in the mountains, the forest, or the seaside. It is described as a profound” presencing” experience, a unique opportunity to be alone to experience and reconnect with Nature and GetWiLD fully.

Re-entry and Integration day 3.
Tell the story of your solo experience and expand your understanding of its message and meaning. Weave your insights from the days into a compelling vision that will inspire you to practical action. Clarify and commit to what it will take to realise your new vision.

Day 1, preparing day.
Day/Night 1 – 2 will be at a remote, beautiful location
Day 3: re-entry day.

Packing List – Personal Equipment
A packing list will be sent in conjunction with the booking.

Our pathfinder is Göran Gennvi, Sweden’s most experienced Natur Quest leader. You will be introduced to the GetWiLD method to find balance and establish a deeper understanding of the inner self and a sense of interconnectedness with the natural world. Göran Gennvi has worked as a pathfinder, leadership consultant, and coach. He has offered Solos in Nature for three decades, focusing on unearthing the inner conditions for leaders and individuals to cultivate great and lasting change and connect people with Nature. Göran’s inspiration for bringing about new perspectives and awareness comes from his lifelong, continuous time living in Nature and his close relationship with indigenous wisdom-keepers to get insights into ancient wisdom and science. Nature is and has always been his trustworthy partner and companion, and he finds that Nature’s beauty and ability to adapt, create, and renew are beneficial. He believes that nature helps us reconnect to our senses and deepen our relationship with our inner and outer nature, giving us the possibility for transformative learning.

Göran Gennvi is the founder and CEO of Nature Academy Learning Lab. For over two decades, Göran has learned from and worked closely with faith keeper Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga Nation John P. Milton, Way of Nature, and many Sami wisdom keepers. Over the years, their knowledge and wisdom have significantly impacted the structure, design and content of the GetWiLD process.


When time slows down, the mind awakens to the natural world. 
Last weekend I did a 3-day solo Nature Quest – just me, my tent, and my Self immersed in the nature of the Stockholm archipelago, fasting.

It’s been a hectic autumn, and over the last weeks, I felt a deep need to hit the pause button to ground myself in the substrate of life. And the opportunity to join Göran Gennvi and his Nature Academy Learning Lab AB suddenly appeared in my LinkedIn feed. Synchronicity. 

Friday morning, I handed away my mobile phone, and a group of five headed out to a remote part of the archipelago, where we spread out on a peninsula to have complete solitude until Sunday lunch.

Scouting my area, I found a beautiful cliff by the sea for meditation and a bit into the forest, protected from the wind, I found a soft bed of white moss for my tent.

After raising my tent and settling in, the calm embraced me, and time slowed down.

It’s fascinating how much time slows down when I’m free from external distractions. Had so many experiences these days of checking the time, deciding to just sit for another hour, and when it felt like an hour had passed my watch told me 10 min had passed. So I put away my watch. 

Surrendering to the natural rhythm of nature. 12 hours of complete darkness with only the sounds of the forest and the movement of the sea. 12 hours of following the sun’s movement from east to west. 

When time slows down, the mind awakens to the natural world. The rich palette of colors of the autumn forest. The loud breathing of the seals surfaced below the cliff. The sound of the aspen leaves trembling in the wind. The white-tailed eagle majestically circled the island. The taste of the salty air from the sea. 

Sitting on the cliff during the day and turning in my sleeping bag at night, meditations on time kept coming back to me. Out there in the world of busy, there’s never enough time. Most hours are scheduled, and should there be any gaps, social media can quickly give a dopamine burst to stave off the slightest boredom.

I realized boredom is a choice. Boredom is absence of curiosity, choosing to be curious about what’s unfolding right in front of me. The patterns of the waves crashing against the cliff. The life of the little kinglet bird. The pine stood tall from a small patch of soil on the naked cliff, which the distant deer was communicating. 

“Man and nature belong together in their created glory – in their tragedy and in their salvation.” Paul Tillich

And deep down, we all know if we allow ourselves to slow down, that our deepest connection is with nature and that structures of time and modernity are artificial constructs that lure us away from our deepest Self. 

This NatureQuest was a great reminder to shift my anchoring to nature and visit modernity rather than the other way around. 3 days were short, and I am looking forward to joining Göran for a 7-day solo quest this summer up north in the Swedish mountains”

Fredrik Lyhagen, Executive coach

”The three-day Solo was one of the most powerful personal development tools I’ve come across. Something happens when we leave our lives and distractions behind and venture out into the wild alone to face what lies ahead. We begin to see ourselves and the thoughts and patterns that rarely surface. The insights that come during a solo are not cognitive; they are emotional and, therefore, much more potent regarding behaviour change. The experience is hard to put into words, it has to be shared and felt, but I promise you; it was of a life-determining kind.”

Erik Fernholm, VD 29k, forskare inom kognitiv neurovetenskap, positiv psykologi samt evidensbaserad coaching.

”I was fortunate to participate in Göran’s Nature Quest in the mountains up north in Sweden. I got to some profound understandings about my life and my self.”

Gadi Kenny, Founder Peoples Peace Found.