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The Swedish term for business life is närningsliv, which directly translates to "nurturing life". We all have the role of leader, in one way or another, as part of communities, as parents or as leaders in business, to ensure and nurture life. More than ever, in the face of the challenges ahead, individually and collectively, we all need to calibrate our inner compass. The universal wisdom and insights that inform our decisions and leadership contribute to the fact that we collectively and in dialogue can serve and nourish life and the planet as true pathfinders.
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Wisdom - Human development and the ability to survive have been shaped by the challenges, experiences, and various wild nature and landscapes we have adapted to during the evolution of what we call Mother Earth our home. This adaptation has shaped our culture and spiritual relationship to the landscape and the living. Indigenous peoples are still bearers of Earth Wisdom and the "source code" intact. For over three decades, we have collaborated with wisdom keepers, representatives of indigenous people who are willing to share their people's universal insights and knowledge. Listen to one of our Pathfinders, faith-keeper
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Transformation means the unfolding process of "life transition", as overlapping waves as we move through life, From childhood to old age, from pupa to butterfly. It is about the fundamental change in personal attitudes, consciousness, motivation, and beliefs. A process both in oneself and those one leads. Psychological development is characterised by an increased ability to openness, meaning-making, compassion, hold perspective, and handle greater complexity. Our program allows you to formulate and work with life-changing questions to get insights and meet yourself 🪶    >> Watch The Great Mystery




Nature-Based Leadership cultivates our inner compass, allows us to make decisions from that inner place, and sound judgment that stands the test of time for all life’s benefit. To reset and calibrate the natural "source code" by deep-diving into the transformative power of Nature. By cultivating our hearts and minds of what is true, right, and lasting, we can sense deep, stand grounded when facing the unpredictable, and dare to admit when not knowing. To lead by respect, connect, reflect and direct - to have the skin in the game!See film clip:
>>  Brian Arthur - Why Nature!


Breakthrough Conversations 
We have survived as humans through evolution by developing our ability to work together. It is an ability in our collective DNA, a unique ability to ask, advocate and tell learning stories. We live in a time with a high degree of social and dynamic complexity where methods from the past are no longer helpful when complexity is low and predictability high. Exercising leadership means drawing on diversity of experience and perspective, unleashing people's skills, energy and problem-solving abilities. We provide dialogue methods and tools to train and maintain this capacity - Breakthrough Conversations.
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A conversation with the King

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Nature Quest
To calibrate one's inner compass has become more critical in these times of flux. A time of solitude in Nature, a time for silence and reflection, to reach the inner place of profound knowledge. The Nature Quest is a deep and transforming process where you encounter the outer, inner, and true Nature. Open up and reconnect in a deep relationship with Nature. It enriches life and provides a strong sense of belonging to the world all life. To be better equipped for the different challenges the future is bringing.
- "To be fully present allows for a deep connection, sense, and listening to whatever appears moment by moment. All distractions dissolve in the only time there is: now." - John P Milton


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