Nature Quest-Deep Code for survival

In Transformative Leadership, Wild Pathfinder by Göran Gennvi

The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”.
– Gregory Bateson

Reconnect to your Deep Code for survival in Times of Chaos. New findings – old wisdom! We experience a time where environmental changes are bigger and happen faster than ever. The Covid19 pandemic, on top of climate change, diversity loss, droughts, flooding, and wildfires, unpredictable situations, place new pressures on leaders and society. As external forces rise and the rate of change accelerates, so do the requirements on the quality of precision and speed in decision-making processes and adaptation. Transformative Leadership is characterized by the ability to maneuver in this complexity. It’s about improving and learn to ”surf on the edge of chaos.”

When everything is changing rapidly, it is necessary to be open, aware, and responsive so that you can act with laser-focused clarity to the challenges triggered by emerging and rapid changes from moment to moment. Consequently, the importance of finding a foundational toolkit to learn (re-learn) on how to build the capacity to ground and balance yourself to stabilize your core in the midst of rapid and emerging change.
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The practice we suggest allows you to access and tune into a deep source, a deep code that appears to be ingrained in our essence, formed within humankind’s evolutionary cycle. This is where you will have to learn and re-learn your timeless essence to tune in towards balance and harmony within yourself in any given context.

It is surprisingly simple, yet it has a deep core for stability. This foundational approach starts with relaxation, to open the path by releasing all forms of contraction, tension, blockage, and holding on to past, present, and future. This helps to be truly open to what is there, within yourself and beyond, within the tangible and intangible domains. Ultimately, it is experienced as a complete surrender into the truth of here and now, bringing in the stillness and deep presence at the moment. 

Once the tensions and blockages are released, the possibility of realizing presence naturally arises. To be fully present allows too deeply to connect, sense, and listen with whatever appears moment by moment. All distractions dissolve in the only time there is – now!

By fine-tuning/refining each field of awareness, our senses will be mentally and physically better prepared, more present, attuned, and aware. Sensing and mediation are ways to open up for clarity and cultivate intuition. This inner work will facilitate us in opening up on a human-nature deep ecological level. >> Get your free course

Evolution has developed and refined our (human) senses to better and better at sensing week signals from the outside world. Each sensory field continually provides us with information to consciously or unconsciously make the necessary decisions that benefit life, all too secure, and increase survival conditions. Embedded in and in the close interaction with the surrounding nature, man’s senses and abilities have evolved into something that favors life. This sensitivity has contributed to the fact that humans, as a very few species, have managed to spread throughout the planet and its diverse and diverse bioregions—everything from Africa’s savannahs, Greenland’s glaciers, or the Amazon jungles. Through our developed mind’s ability to perceive, we can identify dangers early, to find food, water, and shelter—one of our most profound survival codes.

By consciously connecting ourselves via our perception and regularly tuning our sensory instruments, we can increase our conscious presence and sense self-control and agency. We call it sensing, being consciously present in everyday life and nature. Another way of put it is simply Mindfulness in Nature. >> Find out more and register

The methodology, Transformative Leadership is derived and inspired by the indigenous cultures that still live in close dependence and harmony with their surrounding nature. One is entirely dependent on reading and feeling one’s surroundings to live and survive from day to day. The ability to identify a faint scent, a sound, a gentle breath, a taste, or notice a barely noticeable trace or movement can be the difference between life and death.

These preceptors developed by evolution give us constant information even in our now quite different modern life. We unconsciously capture pheromones (fragrance substances), read people’s movements and vehicles in the street image, react to body language and mimicry in the relationship with people, etc. But many of the senses that consciously and unconsciously give us information for survival lie in the trough. By opening up and practicing our perception, our deep survival code, we can increase our control experience and the sense of life, meaning, and self-control. >> Get your free course

We are living through a global challenge where collective trauma layers are being reactivated. We must meet this moment with presence: honoring our fear while awakening the resilience that has been transmitted from our ancestors who survived crises in the past. We can choose to raise our awareness—to create mutual support and collaboration, find a new vision, and fully embody our potential.”

— Thomas Hübl

Göran Gennvi

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