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Guardian of Life

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Life is Sacred! As we know, it only exists on the blue planet earth. It re-generates, circle after circle, year after year in its magic dance. As humans, we have been custodians and guardians, worshiped the ”Great Mystery of Life.” But then, in our modern era, we forgot this deep code of survival. Recent research demonstrates that while the world’s …

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The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation

In WiLD Leadership by Göran Gennvi3 Comments

”Knowledge gained through access to the source is, in the words of one cognitive scientist Jaworski met, “shockingly effective.” It has a transformative impact on every aspect of leadership. You gain the capacity to bring forth new realities, which is what the best leadership does. When connected to this source, leaders gain radically new ways of operating”.

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Verktyg för utveckling, transformation och lärande

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Från Ord till Handling – ett verktyg för transformation och lärande Från Ord till Handling är en metod för utveckling och förnyelse och ett angreppssätt som erbjuder verktyg som skapar dialog, ansvarstagande och delaktighet och som stödjer ledare och medarbetare i vardagen. Genom att arbeta i ett Learning Lab ges flera fördelar:– Det blir möjligt att snabbt nå ut till de många människorna i organisationen.– Ledarskapet blir tydligare och ledarna ges reella förutsättningar att ta …

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Conscious Leadership – Surfing on the edge of chaos

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A new reality We live in a time where environmental changes are bigger and happens faster than ever. Advanced technology, digitalization, AI and new knowledge in combination with sophisticated processes place new pressures on leaders. As external forces rise and the rate of change accelerates so do the requirements on the quality of precision and speed in decision-making processes. This …