Guardian of Life

In WiLD Leadership by Göran Gennvi

Life is Sacred! As we know, it only exists on the blue planet earth. It re-generates, circle after circle, year after year in its magic dance. As humans, we have been custodians and guardians, worshiped the ”Great Mystery of Life.” But then, in our modern era, we forgot this deep code of survival.

Recent research demonstrates that while the world’s 370 million indigenous peoples make up less than five percent of the total human population, they manage or hold tenure over 25 percent of the world’s land surface and support about 80 percent of the global biodiversity. We invited indigenous people from all around the globe to Ekskäret Island last year to listen and learn to this wisdom under the umbrella ”what is it to embody the guardian of life”.

New Findings Old Wisdom

The latest findings and research about Sustainability and Regenerative Leadership have proven to be old, used, and tested knowledge in cultures that existed in harmony with nature. They possess the more profound and broader awareness that has stands the test of time and passes on from generation to generation, and it has codes and the visionary power to see right through our own culture. We like to call it wisdom. 

Nature Academy Learning Lab has since the beginning of the nineties been in close cooperation with many Indigenous wisdom keepers. Since ten years back, we are part of the Ekskäret Foundation. Our purpose is to build capacity and capability to handle the increasing complexity in our world. And in times of turbulence – holding methods and tools for personal development. With that, we mean – to calibrate our inner compass and get so stable inside that we will be able to handle this complex transition that we are facing. 

If you are interested in this kind of capacity building, please contact us or check for new courses and events.

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The Guardian of Life gathering at Ekskäret island in Stockholm Archipelago