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The purpose of WiLD Pathfinder and Awareness Training is to offer a program that develop transformative abilities to be better equipped for facing an unpredictable future. It includes three parts, Mindfulness in Nature (self-study course), WiLD Pathfinders (online, IRL), Nature Quest (Awareness Training, and Solo time with Nature).

This is a clip from a seminar we arranged on "The Ecology of Perception and Language." Dr. Abram talks about the ecology of perception, how sensory perception binds our separate nervous systems into the encompassing ecosystem; how and why different cultures perceive the surrounding earth in very different ways; and on the ecology of language, the way in which our words, or what we say, profoundly influences what we see, or hear, or even taste of the more-than-human natural world around us.

Photo: Kaite Kärrberg