Building capacity for Transformative Leadership

The focus of management looks outwards, at implementing the agreed plan. Managers focus on the results of what their people did yesterday, the actions they are taking today, and the outcomes and problems that might arise tomorrow. Leadership is different. It is about choosing which plan to implement, and inspiring others to join in. That has to begin by looking inwards. So the first step of Transformative Leadership is both deceptively simple and incredibly important: it lays the foundation for everything else that follows.

Transformative Leaders need to do deep personal work and then bring that fruits of that work back into the team – and to do this work on a consistent basis. When something beyond thought comes into operation – a conscious awareness that is primary. ”It is an awareness decoupled from our view of our self or our view of the world. It is a genuinely new order of insight – a momentary loss of self in which we are nonetheless intensely aware”. And the body is the individual gateway to a remarkable wealth of unexpected information”.

The first step of transformation is our ability to bring ourselves back to a state of calm inner balance, then connect and sens strongly with who we are and what matters most to us, and only then can we take in information about the world, choose how we are going to respond, and inspire others to go with us – Sensing, Presencing and Creating.

Presencing is about generating this inner clarity that involves three stages: – centering, – grounding, and – deepening our connection with ourselves, inner nature, outer nature, and true nature. See the film clip: