John P Milton – one of the first environmental activists

In WiLD Leadership, Wild Pathfinder by Göran Gennvi

Tomorrow the 22 of April, we celebrate Earth Day, and I will share my appreciation for one of my friends and partners that have been a driving force and transformative leader in the Environmental movement since the 60s. Attached, you find a video interview with John P Milton that gives an understanding och his deep knowledge, sharp mind, and passion for being a “Guardian of Life.”

Watch this Interview with John P Milton:

The book, Future Environments of North America by John P Milton 1966, was a first in opening the use of the word “Environment” to describe our culture’s paradigm shift into a responsibly ecological view of our oneness with Earth. With David Brower, John was also a founder of Friends of the Earth (both the United States-based organization, as well as many of the Friends of the Earth Organizations in other countries).

Between 1963 and 1972 he directed the International Programs Division of the Conservation Foundation, now a part of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in both New York and Washington, D.C..  Between 1966 and 1973, he led two major programs to transform cultural awareness of the ecological impacts of development.  His first program was a project to commission fifty scientists to prepare several hundred comprehensive case studies on the then relatively little-recognized ecological impacts of economic development projects world-wide.  This culminated in a major conference and his 1070 page book The Careless Technology: Ecology and International Development.  His other program was to distill the central ecological principles from all the case studies.  This work was published in his 1973 book, Ecological Principles for Economic Development.  Taken together, these two programs and books played a major international role in shifting global awareness towards ecological and environmental sustainability. >> Read more