The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation

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Joseph Jaworski and Otto Scharmer interviewed leaders from around the world in the research project ”Dialogue on Leadership” to explore and understand the inner process that leads to ”the source of creativity and renewal. Brian Arthur described to them the process that evolved into the internationally distributed ”U-Process.” The theory has been reproduced in the books Presence, as well as Theory U, to name two. Jaworski and Scharmer learned during the interview with Brian Arthur how we could all gain access to a more profound, inner wisdom that leads to creativity and insight. Brian Arthur Brian Arthur has been considered one of the world’s leading thinkers in complexity and economics (see link World Economic Forum). Also, he does one or more Nature Quests annually. (See the movie clip). Besides, Brian is one of the friends of the Natural Academy, and the book  Source is one of the best books we can recommend in its kind. The quote below is from the book and summarises the essence of it;

  • ”Knowledge gained through access to the source is, in the words of one cognitive scientist Jaworski met, “shockingly effective.” It has a transformative impact on every aspect of leadership. You gain the capacity to bring forth new realities, which is what the best leadership does. When connected to this source, leaders learn radically new ways of operating”.

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